Michigan utilities asked to watch for 'reliability' issues in wake of DTE fire

Aug 12, 2016

Officials are asking Michigan utilities to be ready in case there are any problems with getting enough electricity to consumers today.  

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator, or MISO, issued a reliability alert in Michigan after a fire at a DTE power plant overnight.

MISO declared "conservative operations" for all of Michigan effective until 9 pm tonight. Conservative operations is a situational awareness alert declared when reliability issues are possible. The declaration aids MISO in reliably managing the grid in Michigan under the tight operating conditions caused by the loss of generation.

The Michigan Public Service Commission says the fire has resulted in “a shortage of in-state (electricity) generation.”

Governor Rick Snyder says state officials have reached out to other electricity providers in the region.

“To make sure we have enough power… energy within the grid to make sure we can take care of things during these warm temperature times,” says Snyder, “In fact it’s cooling off a little bit which will help with the demand question.”

DTE spokesmen insist the utility will be able to meet customer demand.