Michigan volunteers preparing to go to Oklahoma, how you can help

May 21, 2013

Rescue workers in Oklahoma are searching through the wreckage this morning looking for survivors.

With all the destruction, experts think this tornado could be listed as the costliest in U.S. history.

This tweet shows it all:

Reports of the number killed in the tornado have been going up and down this morning. Mark Memmott at NPR's Two-Way blog is keeping track of events as they unfold.

Michigan Red Cross volunteers are preparing to head to Oklahoma and other tornado-stricken states to help. The Red Cross of West Michigan was informed that more help will be needed:

...we have notified disaster volunteers. At this time, destinations have not been set and disaster volunteers typically get 24 hour notice for deployments.

During the next few days, Red Cross workers on the ground in the disaster areas will be assessing the damage, deciding where and what kind of additional support is necessary, and determining the needs of the affected communities.

The Red Cross is encouraging people affected by the tornado to report on their Safe and Well website.

There are boots on the ground now:

If you're looking to help, here's a list of organizations to consider:

Let us know if you know of others.

Here's a video of the tornado's formation. Once it touched down, it stayed on the ground for 40 minutes: