Michigan wants college students to return to school up-to-date on vaccinations

Aug 30, 2016

Michigan wants college students to go back to school with more than just textbooks.

State health officials are urging college students to make sure they are up to date on vaccinations. 

The recommendation for vaccines comes after a meningitis death of a college student in Macomb County earlier this year.

"Much of what we do in public health is providing the information and the tools by which our college campuses can keep their students healthy," says Dr. Eden Wells, Michigan's chief medical executive. 

"The end goal for our whole population is to have any one of any age group be the best protected against infectious diseases as they can be."

She says college students living so close to one another at school puts them at higher risk of getting sick. 

Influenza, meningitis and the mumps are among the diseases most likely for college students to contract, yet they can all be prevented.