Michigan wants YOU to volunteer

Nov 26, 2011

About 2.3 million people volunteer in Michigan each year. But the state wants even more people to lend a helping hand.

Paula Kaiser VanDam is the executive director of the Michigan Community Service Commission. Even though the holidays are a time when people are feeling especially generous, Kaiser VanDam hopes people will share their time and their selves throughout the year.

“There are volunteer opportunities all year long and we hope people would consider that kind of giving as well.”

The state’s website has a search function where people can find volunteer opportunities in their area.

Of course, “giving” can look like many things, including volunteering, donating physical items, or writing a check. Kaiser VanDam says people can take advantage of the Michigan charitable giving tax credit. It expires at the end of this year. The charitable giving credit was removed as part of Governor Snyder's effort to pay for a business tax cut of more than $1.5 billion dollars.