Michigan's congressional delegation appeals directly to Canadian PM to stop Lake Huron nuke dump

Nov 5, 2015

Michigan’s two United States Senators have sent a letter to Canada’s new prime minister to kill plans for a nuclear waste dump along Lake Huron.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Credit The office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The plans call for nuclear waste storage facility less than a mile from the shore of Lake Huron.

The former Conservative prime minister’s government was supportive of the plan. But the Conservatives lost a recent election to the Liberal Party. 

Michigan U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, along with U.S. Rep Dan Kildee of Flint and most other members of the Michigan congressional delegation, have sent a letter to New Liberal PM Justin Trudeau.

In the letter, they ask the prime minister to reject permits for the facility.  

The letter says in part:

Given the critical importance of these shared waters to our countries, and the potentially catastrophic damages to the Lakes from a nuclear accident, we urge your administration not to approve this repository

The Canadian government is expected to make a final decision early next month.

The utility pushing the plan says it is safe. Environmentalists and others disagree.