Midlife Crisis cars aren't just for men

Feb 10, 2015

Credit media.ford.com

When you hear the term "midlife crisis" most people imagine a fifty-something guy driving off in a new sports car, but it turns out women are casting their eyes on midlife crisis cars too.

A new survey from CarMax decided to determine just what a midlife crisis car actually is. Publisher of thedetroitbureau.com Paul Eisenstein says the survey found a little less than a third of people give into these urges and purchase the car of their dreams.

According to Eisenstein, many men buy into the stereotype and get a sports car, with top choices of Corvettes and Mustangs and often the color black.

Women, on the other hand, tend to go for SUVs or luxury sedans that are red.

The survey also found that choices differ according to region, with those in the Midwest being least likely to buy midlife crisis cars while the South are most likely to. The Midwest also was the only region where an SUV was a top choice for both genders.