Mixtape: New music from Kyle Hall, ZGTO, and Sam Austins

Aug 15, 2017

Looking for new music from the Detroit area that's perfect for the dog days of summer?

Khalid Bhatti​, executive editor of Detroit Music Magazine, has your back. So does Paul Young, the magazine's founder and publisher.

They joined Stateside today to discuss three new songs:

"Teacher Plant" is the one Bhatti said is great for the end of summer. He said Kyle Hall "absorbs all of these different influences from the legacy of Detroit electronic music – dubstep, electro, even as much as like soul and jazz."

"It's all in there, but he filters it through his own sensibilities," Bhatti said. "And it sounds like nothing else out there, but at the same time, it's uniquely the Motor City."

Listen above to hear about "Off Dat" and "Right Here 4 You." You'll hear snippets of all three songs too.

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