Mott Community College, Cypress Creek Renewables team up on new solar degree

Apr 24, 2018

Credit Ford Motor Company / Flickr

Mott Community College will use a $20,000 grant from Cypress Creek Renewables to help develop a solar energy training program.

The grant will support curriculum development for electric workers and construction workers who specialize in commercial solar installations.

Kevin Borgia is Cypress Creek Renewable's Midwest Policy Director.  He says Mott's new program will reach out in particular to women, minorities, and veterans.

"We've got these community colleges around the country, and they do great workforce training," says Borgia, "and these are good jobs that are going to be growing in the future."

Ally Copple is a spokeswoman for Cypress Creek Renewables.

She says right now, it's hard for solar energy companies to find qualified workers.

"We are seeing, in states where we're active currently, like North Carolina, South Carolina, and in states where we're growing, like Illinois and Michigan, we're seeing a need to train solar workers for these jobs," Copple said.

Cypress Creek Renewables hopes to build up to 700 MW of new solar farms in Michigan.