MSU: Workplace deaths increased in 2010

Apr 25, 2011

The number of people who died on the job in Michigan increased in 2010.  Michigan State University researchers track workplace deaths.   Researcher Ken Rosenman says agriculture recorded the most on-the-job fatalities last year.  He says workplace homicides also more than doubled in 2010. 

In all, 123 people died in the workplace in Michigan last year. 

Rosenman insists most, if not all, job deaths could have been prevented.  

“There are certain safety precautions whether there are video cameras… how you lock the store up….how many employees you have….all these deaths at work are potentially preventable.”   

 Rosenman says all workplaces should try to create a ‘Culture of Safety’. 

Despite the spike in 2010, Rosenman says workplace deaths have been declining in Michigan during the past decade.