Nassar victims' father wants to return money donated for legal defense

Feb 8, 2018

Donations flooded an online legal defense fundraiser after the father of three daughters rushed disgraced former sports doctor Larry Nassar at his sentencing hearing last week.

Now, Randy Margraves says he wants to give that money back.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 665, launched the fundraiser -- which raised more than $30,000.

Margraves, an electrician, says he deeply appreciates the outpouring of support. But he says he does not need the money.

Credit Jodi Westrick / Michigan Radio

"At the time of the incident, I didn't know that the great brotherhood had done this, and I was overcome with gratitude when I found out. I appreciate everyone stepping up to support me, but help is not needed for me," Margraves said in a written statement, adding that any money not claimed by donors will be donated to charity after March 9.

Margraves was not held in civil contempt of court. A final decision on criminal charges has not yet been made by the prosecutor, but Margraves' attorney Mick Grewel says they are optimistic there will be no criminal charges.