A new beginning at Flint's Chevy in the Hole

Apr 18, 2015

A new city park is taking shape in downtown Flint.

Millions of dollars have been spent over the years cleaning up the decades of industrial waste at the former Chevy in the Hole auto plant site in the heart of Flint. 

Now that work is largely done and community leaders are starting the next phase.

Chevy Commons will cover over the gray concrete slab with 50,000 yards of top soil, two to ten feet deep.  

It's hard to see now, but the plans call for a city park in place of an concrete slab that once was one of flint's premier auto plants
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Eventually, grass and trees will grow on the site.  Pathways will be installed.

“This project is part of a greater common agenda that we have,” Flint Mayor Dayne Walling told a crowd of local dignitaries and supporters on Friday. “We want to see greater sustainability, environmental quality and community building.”

Officials hope to complete Chevy Commons in the next few years, dependent on available funding.