New documentary follows a generation of young entrepreneurs in Detroit

Oct 5, 2016

What's the barrier between you and the life you truly want to lead?

That's one of the questions Cheryl Miller Houser explores as co-director of the documentary film Generation Startup.

It follows some young entrepreneurs as they build startups in Detroit. They try, stumble, learn, and try again.

You come away with a much deeper appreciation for the struggle and passion that goes into building your own business.

And these stories reflect the way Detroit is fighting its way back from its historic bankruptcy.

Houser joined us today to talk about the young people featured in the film, why she and co-director Cynthia Wade decided to focus in on recent college graduates and what concerns she has about the future of young companies in America. 

Generation Startup will be screened on Friday, Oct. 7 at the Detroit Institute of Arts. More information can be found by visiting the film's website.

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