New law bans restraint, isolation to discipline students

Dec 29, 2016

A new state law bans the use of restraint or isolation to discipline students.


The law was recommended by a task force looking at reforms in special education. Students with physical or developmental disabilities are more likely to face the use of restraint or seclusion.


Advocates for special education students say harsh disciplinary measures have been used by teachers and administrators who did not know how to handle students with disabilities. Calley says the new law shows times are changing.

“But it’s my hope that this is only the first step, and it is my hope that we will look back on it as the first step in a journey to creating a world that works for everybody,” he said at the bill signing.

Restraint and seclusion may still be used when students pose a threat to themselves or others.


Calley signed the bill into law while Governor Rick Snyder is out of the state on vacation.