A new report says Michiganders need to improve their healthy habits

Dec 11, 2013

Michigan is getting poor marks in a new national health survey.

For 24 years, the United Health Foundation has looked at the healthy or unhealthy habits of Americans.  

According to the American Health Rankings out today, nationally fewer people are smoking and more people are exercising. The national obesity rate held steady, which is the first time since 1998 that the survey didn’t record an increase.

But the foundation’s Lauren Mihajlov says while the rest of the nation is making progress Michigan is still struggling to be healthy.

“The challenges facing Michigan have to do with the high prevalences of smoking and binge drinking ….a high prevalence of obesity,” says Mihajlov

Michigan ranked 34th on the American Health Ranking.

Hawaiians top the healthy rankings.   Mississippians are at the bottom of the list.