New website lets you look up your hospital's track record

Jan 16, 2018

A new website lets people check on their hospital's track record, and compare it with the track record of other hospitals.

VerifyMICare.org includes rates of hospital-acquired infections, deaths, readmission rates, C-sections, post-op pulmonary embolisms, and other indicators of care quality.

Ruthann Sudderth is with the Michigan Health and Hospital Association. She says a pregnant patient might use the website to raise concerns with her doctor, for example.

"What kind of risks am I at for an early elective delivery?" Sudderth says. "What kind of a risk am I at for C-section, and how do we make those decisions together if it looks like your hospital might have a higher C-section rate?"

Sutters says almost every major hospital in Michigan voluntarily submitted the data. Surgical specialty hospitals, children's hospitals, and small rural hospitals with very few inpatient beds are not included.

The University of Michigan hospitals did not submit data on hospital-acquired infection rates.