No Asian carp found in search of Illinois lake

Aug 11, 2011

State and federal wildlife officials say their latest search has turned up no Asian carp swimming in an Illinois lake close to Lake Michigan, though they admit they can’t say there are no carp in the lake. 

“We’re saying if there are fish there…they’re there in very low abundances," says Kevin Irons,  the head of the state of Illinois’ office of Nuisance Aquatic Life.   He says no Asian carp were found during a recent four day search of Lake Calumet.   Carp DNA was found in the lake recently.  

“We did a fairly thorough job of sampling what fish were there.   So the big thing is…there’s not a lot of fish moving…and…we didn’t see any evidence of Asian carp there.”  

The state of Michigan has asked federal officials to close the canal which connects Lake Michigan to carp infested waters in Illinois.   But the feds say electric barriers are enough to keep the carp from passing into the Great Lakes. 

Asian Carp is an invasive species which environmentalists and others fear will devastate indigenous Great Lakes fish species if it reaches Lake Michigan.