An Oakland County chef installs thousands of bees at his restaurant

Jun 17, 2015

You might not expect to find thousands of bees at a popular, busy restaurant, especially one in a big city.

But that's exactly what you'll find at Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham.

The restaurant will be home to 8,000 honeybees this summer, and Chef Matt Fitchett says the population could grow to 15,000 by the end of the season.

The restaurant's property is also home to a  large garden that the bees will help pollinate.

While Fitchett has never raised bees before, he says he wanted to "be a part of a slow food movement."

At the end of the season Fitchett plans on creating a menu that incorporates the honey to celebrate the harvest.

"People say organic, I call it traditional," Fitchett says. "It's about giving back, not taking. We want to help contribute to the future."