Obama's proposed budget includes money for MSU's FRIB project

Mar 4, 2014

A big-ticket construction project on the Michigan State University campus is in President Barack Obama's proposed budget.

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, or F-Rib for short, may turn MSU into a destination for advanced nuclear science research. But its $730 million price tag has raised questions about whether it will get the funding it needs to get built.

The president’s fiscal year 2015 budget calls for investing $90 million in the project.

Mark Burnham is the vice president of government affairs at MSU.

He says the president’s budget proposal “will keep FRIB on schedule as planned.”

The project is getting $55 million from the federal government this year. The state also recently approved $100 million in bonds to pay for the project.

Once it’s completed around 2020, MSU officials predict FRIB will create hundreds of jobs, on campus and in related commercial businesses attracted to East Lansing by the research.