Organizer expected to file recall petition signatures against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver

Jun 26, 2017

A recall petition targeting Flint’s mayor reaches a milestone this week.

Recall organizer Arthur Woodson declined to comment last week on the status of the campaign. However, in the past Woodson has said volunteers have collected more than 6,000 signatures since a judge cleared the way for recall petition process to begin in April.

The recall campaign goes after Mayor Karen Weaver’s efforts to hire a new company to pick up Flint’s trash. The resulting political tug-of-war between the mayor and city council resulted in competing garbage trucks emptying trash cans on city streets.

The dispute ended after Weaver’s pick was linked to a federal corruption probe.

In the past, a recall election would be a yes or no vote, but not anymore.

Under a new state law, if there are enough valid petition signatures, Weaver would face off against other would be candidates in a new election later this year.

Weaver has been dismissive of the recall effort. She’s accused the organizer of being financially backed by her political opponents.

Arthur Woodson denies that. Weaver sought a personal protection order against Woodson. However, a judge denied the request.

Karen Weaver was elected as Flint’s mayor in 2015.