Paying to keep the street lights lit in Flint

Jun 14, 2012

Flint residents will get a chance this afternoon to have their say about a proposed fee increase to pay for city streetlights.    But what they say may not be enough to prevent the fee from going into effect.

The city of Flint pays for keeping its streetlights lit with money from the city’s general fund.

But with the city deep in debt, emergency manager Michael Brown is proposing a $74 annual fee on city property owners.    Flint residents are already complaining about sharp increases in the city’s water and sewer fees.   Many are expected to raise similar complaints at today’s 5:30 pm public hearing at city hall.

Brown is expected to make the final decision about whether to implement the streetlight fee or try to find money being spent elsewhere in Flint city government within the next week.    The decision must be made before July 1st.

The city is struggling with a multi-million dollar deficit and continues to talk with the state about issuing bonds to help Flint pay some of the city’s long-term debts.