A prom of their own: LGBTQ teens in Traverse City to attend area’s first “Queer Prom”

Apr 28, 2017


In some schools in Michigan, being a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, or questioning high school student is welcomed and embraced. In other schools, LGBTQ kids have to stay in the closet or endure a backlash from homophobic students, or even teachers and administrators. 

Prom can be an especially difficult time. Taking a same-sex date or dressing in a way which expresses their gender identity instead of their gender at birth is not always accepted. 

This year in Traverse City, there will be a “Queer Prom.” LGBTQ high school students and their allies are being invited to the prom. 

Eamonn McGonigle, a sophomore at Traverse City West Senior High School and John Young, board member at Polestar LGBT Center of Traverse City joined Stateside to discuss Traverse City's first queer prom.

The prom will take place this Saturday, April 29 from 7-11 p.m at Hotel Indigo Ballroom. Learn more here.

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