Protestors in Detroit want Trump out of the city and the race

Aug 9, 2016

As Trump spoke spoke in Detroit on Monday, hundreds of protestors stood outside Cobo Hall to show their disapproval of the candidate. Protestors ranged from high school-aged students to senior citizens. 

Lory Parks is with the UAW. She says Trump is against the interests of the working class. 

"Because all of the issues that he's for, we're not. He's not for raising the minimum wage, he's not for unions, he's not for the working families of America," Parks said.

Keith Harris is with the National Action Network, a civil rights group, and he says Trump should drop out of the race because he isn't a real politician.

 "Go home, take your wife and your family and leave politics to politicians," Harris says. 

 Of the hundreds of people who stood outside, fewer than 20 were openly Trump supporters.