Protestors succeeded in bringing down numbers in Ann Arbor deer cull

Feb 2, 2018

Protestors were able to reduce the number of deer killed in the city of Ann Arbor's annual cull this year.

The city is trying to reduce an overabundance of the animals because they affect traffic safety and biodiversity.  Many homeowners have also complained to the city that the deer are eating all their shrubs and gardens, and defecating on their properties.

The city approved a plan for sharpshooters to kill up to 250 deer, but they killed only 115.

A report says the freezing weather and inability to cull deer in restricted areas like near schools were bigger factors, but protestors seeking out the sharpshooters in their blinds and shouting to disrupt the cull also reduced its success.

The city says an overwhelming majority of residents support the cull.  But a vocal minority don't, because of safety fears, because it's violent, or because they love seeing deer close up.