Qur'an burning Florida pastor returning to Michigan Thursday

Apr 27, 2011

Controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones returns to southeast Michigan Thursday.  Jones tried to hold a rally outside a Dearborn mosque last week to protest radical Islam.   But he ended up spending time in the city jail for defying a court order.   

Jones says now he’ll hold his rally at Dearborn’s city hall on Friday, which he expects will draw a much bigger crowd than he originally expected last week. 

 “Right now the response we are getting is very, very positive.”  

 Joneses’ legal fight has drawn support from civil libertarians who say the pastor’s First Amendment rights were violated.  Jones is filing suit against those elected officials who prevented his original rally from taking place.   

 Wayne County and Dearborn officials were concerned Joneses’ rally outside the mosque may have spawned violence.  Jones is the subject of death threats stemming from his public burning of a copy of the Qur’an at his Florida church.