Report finds consumers no longer fear autonomous vehicles, more concerned with logistics

May 12, 2015

Ford's latest autonomous car
Credit Ford Motor Company

Automakers spend money and time developing high-tech car features, hoping to make their offerings stand out from the pack.

But are those automakers on the same page as consumers? A study released by JD Power & Associates, a research firm, says consumers are most interested in technology that makes us safer. 


David Sullivan is an auto-industry analyst with AutoPacific.

Sullivan says consumers are showing interest in the bits and pieces of future autonomous cars, such as collision mitigation systems, blind-spot warning systems, and adaptive cruise control.

He believes that the average consumer, aged 55,  is looking to developments in the automotive world that will help their mobility as they get older.  

They are not as interested, however, in  touch screens with tactile feedback, biometric driver sensors, systems to monitor health and wellness, or systems to connect our cars with our smartphone.