Report: State health insurance plans fall short on smoking cessation

Apr 1, 2015

Credit RegBarc / Wikimedia Commons

The American Lung Association is not happy with state health insurance plans.

Jim Harrington with the Lung Association says in Michigan, many plans aren't covering the drugs or therapy needed to help people quit. 

"We find that the two put together offer the best chances in quitting, so not complying with that then has a big impact on the success of people quitting tobacco." 

In Michigan, only four out of 16 companies that offer plans through the Affordable Care Act fully cover what the Lung Association says is needed to help people quit smoking. 

"The exchanges in the marketplace are not providing the medication and counseling and we're very disappointed because this has a big impact on people's health and their success in quitting," Harrington explained. 

According to the American Lung Association's report, only 17% of plan issuers across the nation are covering smoking cessation the way that it is required by the Affordable Care Act.