Republican Candius Stearns on how business, healthcare experience will help her win 9th District

Sep 11, 2018

Candius Stearns is running as a Republican for the 9th Congressional District seat
Credit Candius Stearns / https://www.candiusforcongress.com/bio

For 35 years, Congressman Sander Levin has represented people from parts of Oakland and Macomb counties. 

The Democrat from Michigan's 9th District is retiring at the end of the year. His son Andy Levin is running to replace him. On the Republican side of the ticket is Candius Stearns. 

Stearns joined Stateside to talk to us about her candidacy.

Listen above to hear why Stearns decided to run for Congress, how her role in the health insurance business has informed her political candidacy, and how she feels about reforms to the Affordable Care Act.

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