Republican convention nearly over, Michigan's governor finally arrives in Cleveland

Jul 21, 2016

Today, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder finally made it to Cleveland, in the final hours of the Republican National Convention.

As a band played “Takin’ Care of Business," Snyder walked around a second floor room in the Cleveland main library, talking to Michigan delegates to the RNC.

Until this event, the Republican governor had not attended any part of his party’s biggest event. Snyder insists he has other priorities in Michigan.

“It’s more I view my priority is not participating in the race and working on races back in Michigan,” says Snyder. “I’m busy with issues in Michigan as you know and that should be my primary focus as governor.”

Among Snyder’s priorities, this fall’s state legislative and state Supreme Court races.

Snyder has not endorsed Donald Trump, but he has had nice things to say about Trump’s vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.