Rockford's City Manager, Michael Young, dies suddenly at 48

Jan 28, 2016

Rockford City Manager Michael Young died Wednesday at the age of 48. According to a release, Young suffered a stroke on Monday and was then hospitalized on Tuesday.  

In the close-knit community of Rockford, Michigan, people were shocked and saddened as the news quickly spread. 

"It's a sad day here in Rockford," Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Linda Southwick told WZZM13,  "We've lost our leader." 

Michael Young
Credit Cory Morse / The Grand Rapids Press

  For the past 20 years, Young served as Rockford's city manager. During his tenure, he led the city in receiving several grants to fund the development of parks and nature trails. Young also initiated North Kent Sewer Authority's 2008 move away from the Grand Rapids wastewater system to a treatment plant of its own.

Young graduated from Grand Haven High School and from GVSU, where he was a wrestler. A scholarship fund has been established by municipal government colleagues in his memory at GVSU. 

Young is survived by his wife, Melissa, daughters Michaela and Mackenzie and a son, Jake. Funeral arrangements are still pending. 

--Amelia Zak, Michigan Radio Newsroom