Romney campaign commits to Michigan "until the end"

Sep 1, 2012

The Romney campaign says it plans to actively campaign In Michigan “until the end”.  But there is one major campaign component that Romney officials haven’t committed to yet.  Four years ago, the John McCain campaign pulled out of Michigan a month before the presidential election. State Republican leaders blamed that decision for hurting GOP turnout in Michigan in 2008.  Katie Gage says that won’t happen this year.  She’s a deputy director for the Romney campaign. Gage says the Romney campaign will be in Michigan “until the end”, with phone banks, local campaign offices and mailings. But Gage admits the campaign has not committed to a major TV ad buy in Michigan.  “We’ll you know TV is different situation," says Gage, "There are a lot of key states…battleground states…we’re not on TV yet. We haven’t made those decisions. And we haven’t made decisions on the degree we’re going to be spending in every state.”   State Republican Party leaders say the Romney campaign commitment to campaign in Michigan “until the end” should help Republican candidates from the U.S. Senate to local races.”]