Sanders packs the Breslin Center at MSU

Mar 3, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was greeted by more than 10,000 supporters at Michigan State’s Breslin Center in East Lansing last night. 

Sanders at the Breslin Center, March 2, 2016
Credit Ivy Herron

  Sanders’ speech focused primarily on free college tuition, eliminating interest on student loans, and the availability of high-paying jobs. 

The second half of Sanders’ speech was geared towards criticizing his fellow presidential candidates.

Sanders' speech contrasted his record to Hillary Clinton’s. He compared Clinton’s active super PACs that draw from Wall Street funds against the $41 million that Sanders has received in individual donations.  

"We had to make a decision,” Sanders said. “Were we going to do what virtually every other campaign did in establishing super PACs to beg Wall Street for money?”

Sanders also pointed out the different views he and Clinton hold regarding trade policies. He noted his opposition to the North American Trade Agreement, a piece of legislation that Clinton's husband signed into law. 

“Our disastrous trade policies — NAFTA, CAFTA and permanent normal trade relations with China — have decimated the state of Michigan,” Sanders argued. “Tens of thousands of good-paying jobs have been lost.”

In the primary elections, Sanders has won Colorado, Vermont, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. In the delegate count, Sanders still sits behind Clinton. Michigan’s primary election is this coming Tuesday, March 8th.