Sanders slams Clinton, Obama on free trade deals

Mar 3, 2016

Credit Jake Neher / MPRN

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is taking aim at free trade deals like NAFTA and the recent Trans Pacific Partnership. He says they’ve cost the country millions of jobs. And he says it’s a critical difference between him and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Our trade policies have failed,” Sanders said at a press conference today.

Sanders is looking to shore up support among unions and blue collar workers, and says he’s not opposed to trade deals but how they’ve been negotiated by Republican and Democratic administrations. 

These trade agreements were pushed and written to a significant degree by corporate America for corporate America,” he said.

Sanders' position also puts him at odds with President Obama on trade.

The Clinton campaign says she’s only supported trade deals that protect workers.

Clinton is preparing a speech on the economy to be delivered at a Detroit factory.