Santa's helpers sometimes dress like firefighters in Michigan

Dec 24, 2012

Most Michigan children believe Santa Claus brings them presents for Christmas. 

But children in Charlotte KNOW local firefighters are handling the delivery.  Starting about five o'clock, fire engines will start rolling down local streets, delivering presents.  

The Christmas Kiddies program has been providing needy children with presents in Eaton County for more than a hundred years.   This year, more than 400 children will be receiving Christmas presents.

Tyger Fullerton is the deputy fire chief.   He’s the third generation of his family to be part of the program

“My biggest thing is to give back to the program…and keep on doing the tradition…and to do it right," says Fullerton.

Fullerton says local children know to watch on Christmas Eve for the fire truck delivering presents that Santa doesn’t have room for in his sleigh.