Savings eyed in changes in Michigan's criminal justice system

Nov 30, 2014

DETROIT - A lawmaker from western Michigan is leading an effort to possibly save millions of dollars in the criminal justice system.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

  Rep. Joe Haveman, a Republican from Holland, hopes to bring a pack of the bills to the House floor this week that would make changes in the parole process and create a commission to study sentences.

  Haveman wants to try to get more people out of prison if they're eligible for parole and not a risk to the public. He's been working with prosecutors, judges, sheriffs and defense lawyers on a compromise.

  Prisoners would know what's required to be released after serving the minimum sentence. The parole board likely would be required to disclose more information about why parole was denied.

  There were 43,704 inmates at the end of 2013.