Scoring lawmakers on their environmental voting record

Feb 28, 2017

The League of Conservation Voters has released its annual National Environmental Scorecard. It shows how members of Congress voted on environmental issues. This year, the group found a deep partisan divide.

Charlotte Jameson is the government affairs director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. The group just published its own scorecard for the state Legislature.

“I think it is no surprise to anyone that the same partisan politics and the same partisan breakdown of environmental issues you see on the federal level, you see in Michigan as well,” she says.

But she says there were several bright spots of collaboration.

“What I find most interesting from last session is there were really great examples where we were able to get things done in a bipartisan way and we were able to get substantial Republican support for things like the energy bill package,” she says.

She says Michigan lawmakers are often able to find common ground on Great Lakes issues and when economics come into play.