From seed to sale: the role of secure transit in state’s medical marijuana industry

Aug 9, 2018

LARA, the state licensing board, reviewed a second set of pre-approved applications for medical marijuana businesses on Thursday.
Credit Eljoja / FLICKR - http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

The state reviewed another round of medical marijuana licenses on Thursday. The new licensing process comes out of laws passed in 2016 meant to better regulate the medical marijuana industry.

Michael Pedrosi is managing partner of Capital Transport, LLC, a secure transporter of medical marijuana. The company’s license was approved in July during the first state review of pre-qualified applicants. He joined Stateside to discuss the nascent industry and his expectations moving forward.

Despite the arduous application, Pedrosi spoke highly of the state’s involvement in the licensing process.

“It’s a first round for them, too,” he said. “So we’re both working as kind of the guinea pigs in the process, and they’re extremely helpful.”

Listen above for Pedrosi’s thoughts on secure transit’s role in the medical marijuana industry, and collaboration among industry players.

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