Self-driving car legislation approved by Michigan House

Nov 10, 2016

More cars without human drivers could soon be on the road, pending the governor's signature.

Self-driving cars are in Michigan's future now that the state house of representatives has approved autonomous vehicle legislation.

Brandt Iden is on the House Communications and Technology Committee.

He says the safety of these vehicles provides opportunity for auto makers.

"As more companies realize the safety of these vehicles and having them on the road," Iden says, "they're obviously going to up production."

Iden has been one of the key proponents of autonomous vehicle technology in Michigan.

"This is the forefront of not only technology, but this is the new auto industry," he says. "This is where jobs and growth are going to come from in the auto sector."

Iden says the bill should make it to the governor's desk by the end of the year.