Sharing space on the state capitol lawn

Dec 20, 2014

The Michigan State Police will keep an eye on Christian and Satanic displays on the state capitol lawn in the days leading up to Christmas.

Christian groups were outraged when permission was given for a display honoring Satan to be placed on the east lawn just before Christmas.   

Arrangements were quickly made for a nativity scene to share the space. 

The Satanic Temple of Detroit plans to erect its holiday display on the grounds of the state capitol on Sunday
Credit Satanic Temple

Despite the passions raised, Lt. Brody Boucher, commander of the Michigan State Police capitol security section, does not expect a problem.

“We would just ask anybody that chooses to come and support or oppose any of the causes that they do that within the groundwork of the right to peacefully assemble,” says Boucher. 

The Christian nativity display was set up for the first time Friday. The display by the Satanic Temple of Detroit is scheduled to go up on Sunday morning. 

Both displays must be removed at night and reassembled each morning.