From “Shark Tank” reject to big box success: Founder of Detroit makeup line never gave up

Mar 12, 2018

Growing your own business means persisting past uncertainty and rejection: having a clear idea of what your product is about, and where you want to take your business.

Detroiter Melissa Butler is proof of that idea. She’s the founder and CEO of The Lip Bar. It is a non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan line of lipsticks and lip-glosses.

And her desire to offer something new in the beauty industry has grown from an idea to something that’s been picked up by Target.

Butler joined Stateside to discuss why she moved from a career in finance to launching a lipstick line, how her lipstick line is different from her competitors, how an unsuccessful appearance on “Shark Tank” helped encourage her to continue working on her product, and why she moved The Lip Bar back to Detroit from New York City.

Listen above.

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