Small Michigan stores are hoping for a big holiday shopping season too

Nov 23, 2012

Most of the attention this weekend is on long lines at big box retailers.  But Michigan’s smaller retailers are counting on some shoppers to look to them to kick off their holiday shopping season.

Wedged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday.

Louise Gradwohl is with Lansing’s Old Town Commercial Association.  She says the national campaign should mean an uptick in shoppers checking out Old Town's mix of art galleries and other eclectic stores.

“It really helps people remember and recognize there are these people out there that we really need to pay attention to…and really need to support financially,” says Gradwohl,  “And verbally, telling your friends and family to go out and support them.”

Gradwohl says local stores are a nice alternative to big box retailers during the holiday shopping season.