Snyder believes roads proposal can pass despite concerns from experts

Jan 21, 2015

Credit Gov. Rick Snyder

Gov. Rick Snyder says he has faith the public will approve a May ballot proposal to boost road funding. That’s despite a recent study from a Michigan State University researcher that said the measure might already be in trouble.

The proposal would raise the state’s sales tax from six percent to seven percent. It would increase funding for roads, schools, and local governments.

MSU associate professor of political science Matt Grossman says, historically, similar proposals are not likely to pass in Michigan. He also conducted a study that showed it will be difficult for the governor or other state officials to win significant public support for the measure.

But the governor points out the Legislature approved putting the measure on the May ballot last month with wide bipartisan support. He says that’s a good indication the public will support it as well.

“We got strong support from Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate,” Snyder told reporters Wednesday. “It required a two-thirds vote to put it on the ballot. So that’s a good illustration that a lot of smart people thought this was a good answer.”

Snyder used part of his State of the State address Tuesday night to urge a “yes” vote from Michigan voters. He and legislative leaders say they will actively promote the measure between now and May.