Snyder cheers bond funding for workforce training programs

Feb 24, 2015

Credit Michigan Municipal League / Flickr

A state board has approved selling bonds to come up with $50 million to help community colleges ramp up their career and technical training.

Eighteen community colleges qualified for the money to buy equipment and technology. 

Governor Rick Snyder has made career tech training a high priority. He says that’s because employers are looking for skilled workers, and most states have fallen behind in meeting the demand.

“So we’re going to keep growing in the skilled trades,” he said. “We’re going to be Number One.”

Governor Rick Snyder asked for the bond sale to help community colleges ramp up for what he hopes is a surge in students signing up for career tech training.

“These are exactly the kind of jobs we want to see happen in the state in terms of better-paying, good career path positions that require additional training and skill sets,” Snyder said.

Snyder says a skilled workforce will attract new employers, which makes the bond sale a bargain for taxpayers.