Snyder will talk about Detroit finances at a town hall Wednesday

Mar 27, 2012

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will take part in a town hall meeting in Detroit Wednesday morning to discuss the city’s finances. Snyder says he’s trying to be transparent about the situation.

“A lot of it is getting out to talk to people and making sure that we all get the same facts, because Detroit’s in terrible financial distress in some ways. And there needs to be a long term solution because we all want Detroit to succeed,” Snyder said.

He’s expected to go over the facts at the town hall meeting. He’ll also field questions and probably some criticism from the audience.

The meeting comes as state and city leaders are trying to finalize a deal to resolve major cash flow problems. A state review team has determined Detroit is in “severe financial stress”. The city’s deficit is nearly $200 million.

That means Governor Snyder could appoint an emergency manger to run the city. But he’d rather not. Instead, state and city leaders are trying to come to a mutual agreement.

“My goal is not to run the City of Detroit but to be a supportive partner working with the city. And that’s the spirit we’re approaching this and we’ve been very consistent. We’re going to stay on that path,” Snyder said.

People who want to attend the town hall Wednesday at Wayne County Community College need to register in advance. Representatives from the Michigan Chronicle and WCHB will moderate the meeting from 11a.m. – 12p.m. Then a panel will further discuss the issues from 12p.m. – 1p.m. Snyder plans to take questions from the audience.