Some restrictions along Detroit's Thanksgiving Day parade route this year

Nov 26, 2014

Credit The Parade Company / via city of Detroit

Things might be a little tighter than usual at Detroit’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade this year.

The parade will take its usual route down Woodward Avenue. But there will be several “pinch points” due to ongoing construction for the M-1 rail project.

City spokesman John Roach says that means parade-watching will be restricted in some areas.

“In particular the bridge over I-94 [and] the bridge over I-75 won’t be open for viewing," Roach says. "But they will be open to foot traffic."

Roach also says the Detroit Parade Company is "bringing in additional security personnel, just to make sure that people stay in the restricted areas.”

The city will also close down more streets adjacent to the parade route this year. Roach says parade-goers should check details on the city’s website before heading downtown.

On the upside, revelers downtown for the parade, annual Detroit Lions game, or other holiday festivities can enjoy free rides on the Detroit People Mover until 7 pm.