Stabenow urges Michigan agri-business leaders to push Congress on new farm bill

Jan 15, 2013

Senator Debbie Stabenow is asking Michigan leaders in agriculture to push Congress to pass a new farm bill.

Stabenow spoke to the Michigan Agri-Business Association at its annual conference in Lansing Tuesday.

Stabenow chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee. She vowed not to compromise on policies important to Michigan farmers as lawmakers write a new bill.

“It’s not about me, it’s about us. It’s about Michigan and Michigan’s voice at the table. And there are going to be very important debates that I look forward to working with you on to get the right policy in a number of areas,” Stabenow said.

The Senate passed a new five-year farm bill in 2012, but it stalled in the House. Congress has extended the 2008 farm bill until September.

Stabenow said she expects the Senate to take up a new bill in February or March.