State to allow "one-stop" marijuana shops

Sep 21, 2017

Credit Troy Holden / flickr http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM

The state is going to allow all-in-one medical marijuana facilities. The state’s licensing department today said it plans to let one person grow, process and sell marijuana – and do it all in one facility.

Andrew Brisbo is Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Bureau director. He says the plan isn’t set in stone yet. But Brisbo says the bureau wants to make sure people are aware of the intent.

“Folks who were interested in establishing these facilities are starting to look at property and determine what may suit their needs,” he said. “That that was a good question that we could provide some clarity on with our intended perspective.”

The bureau still has to take the plan through an administrative rules process before it officially becomes part of the licensing law. 

“It’s very hard to pick out the things we have yet to decide because that’s a continuing conversation and will be for quite some time,” Brisbo said.

Brisbo says the medical marijuana regulations will continue to evolve as the industry grows.