State party chair to Sanders delegates: No booing tonight, please

Jul 26, 2016

The head of Michigan’s Democratic Party is asking his delegates to not boo speakers at tonight’s Democratic National Convention.

Monday, it seemed whenever Bernie Sanders supporters were booing DNC speakers, television networks panned over to the Michigan delegation. 

Sanders supporters in the Michigan delegation defaced pro-Hillary Clinton signs and heartily booed the mention of her name.

This morning, as the delegation sat down to breakfast, Michigan State Party Chairman Brandon Dillon asked the delegates to be more respectful tonight. 

Dillon insists he’s not trying to censor any of Michigan’s delegates.  He says he just wants to “encourage…a productive dialogue.”

“When you have people who dedicated a life of service, the least we can do is honor them without booing them,” Dillon says, insisting that Monday’s boos came from “a very small smattering of people.”

Sanders delegates say they will continue to support their candidate. Many feel they and Bernie Sanders have been slighted by party leaders.