State police seizing more guns on Flint streets

Aug 13, 2015

The Michigan State Police say they are seizing more illegal firearms in Flint.

First Lt. Tom Kish speaks at a news conference on gun seizures
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

This as the city reels from 11 gun-related murders in two weeks.

First Lt. Tom Kish is the state police post commander in Flint. Wednesday he stood next to a table filled with hand guns and long guns confiscated by troopers in the past two weeks.

“The more we can pull off the streets … the more we are potentially eliminating serious, critical shootings and homicides,” says Kish.

Kish says the number of weapons seized is way up. In fact, nearly 20% of the weapons seized by troopers in Flint this year have been confiscated in the last two weeks.