Stateside: Hike, bike and kayak the Great Lakes

Nov 8, 2012

Midwest residents may have three new ways to enjoy the Great Lakes.

At a conference in Saugatuck this week, Western Michigan University geography professor Dave Lemberg will discuss plans for a 1,600 mile route along Lake Michigan.

Lemberg spoke with Cyndy about the details of the route.

“It will be a tri-modal leisure corridor. The Great Lakes Circle Tour driving route and the U.S. bike route system. We are also working on a sea kayak route along the shoreline, the Lake Michigan Recreational Water Trail. The infrastructure is already there. The kayak route is essentially linking together public access," said Lemberg.

If the conference is goes well, Lemberg predicts the route could soon begin construction.

“On the short side if everybody decides to make this a priority it could be completed in a couple years," said Lemberg.

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