Stateside: Kalamazoo homeless protests; a stage coach robber’s brain; are schools really failing?

Sep 12, 2018

Today on Stateside, after a contentious city council meeting, Kalamazoo is moving to meet the demands of homeless protestors camped out in a downtown park. Plus, nationally-recognized teacher Matinga Ragatz talks about why she thinks school reform is hurting, not helping, students.

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City needs to listen to homeless protestors, says Kalamazoo commissioner

  • Kalamazoo City Commissioner Shannon Sykes Nehring talks about why she’s pushing the city to do more to help homeless residents.

Hall of fame teacher: Schools aren't failing kids - tests are.

  •  Matinga Ragatz, instructional innovation consultant and speaker, talks about why she thinks efforts to fix “failing schools” are actually hurting students.  

MorningSide 48224 live event to feature resident stories at restored Alger Theater

  • Michigan Radio producer Imani Mixon and artist and entrepreneur Trice Clark talk about what the MorningSide 48224 podcast is adding to the narrative about Detroit’s neighborhoods.

UM law professor explains recent challenge to ACA, what Medicaid work requirements might mean

  • University of Michigan Law School professor Nicholas Bagley breaks down what a Texas lawsuit about the Affordable Care Act and Michigan’s Medicaid work requirements.   

Michigan’s last stage coach robbery ended in a neurological “miracle”

  • The Michigan History Center’s Rachel Clark tells us about the story of Reimund Holzhey, a stage coach robbery in the U.P., and a prison brain surgery.